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Welcome to George's Universe v7! This is the seventh iteration of George's Universe, online since 1995! In recent years I haven't been updating a webpage much any more because most of my interaction with the Internet has been through other outlets, like Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, Twitter, Meetup, Spotify, and other various forums and social media sites. I am still working for Web 2 Market, Inc. where I lead a team of ecommerce web developers, developing ecommerce sites for AbleCommerce and Magento platforms. Lately I have also renewed my interest in playing board games and also designing my own board games. You can find me on sites like Board Game Geek, Board Game Designers Forum, UnPub Network, and other game related sites. My family is also a homeschooling family and we co-founded and help run DeKalb County Home Educators, a secular meetup group for home educating families in our area. We also love doing science projects, exploring the outdoors, books, being 'makers', and just generally enjoying life. We are members of DeKalb Cub Scout Pack 131 and regularly go Geocaching and camping.

The Grand Saga of George and Neal's Adventures Through Time and Space (and Pudding)!

Life changing facts* about history, science, pop culture, and more.

*George and Neal make no claims about understanding the definition of the term "fact".

DeKalb County Home Educators

DCHE Meetup | DCHE on Facebook
DeKalb County Home Educators is a secular group of home educating families in the DeKalb County area. This group is for families to connect, share information, and organize fun activities. We are not an educating co-op, but rather a group for families with many different homeschooling styles to connect. Our group includes children of all ages, but most of our families have elementary-aged children.
We are an inclusive group that appreciates diversity and people of all faiths and political viewpoints. We welcome families who are home educating their children either part or full time. Our group is not only open to homeschoolers, but anyone who values their children's educations (including families with kids in traditional school settings who want something more after school and on weekends).




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